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Firefighter Owned and Operated

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Neptune Impact Windows began as a firefighter owned and operated construction company specializing in residential and commercial renovations as well as new construction projects. We quickly realized our favorite part of the construction process was seeing the drastic visual improvement of a home after window installation. We quickly took on an interest in learning more about the quality and product design options of impact windows.

Aside from visual aesthetics, we were also drawn to these products because of their safety value. As firefighters, we are required to constantly train and be well informed in building construction to understand all aspects of a building and make a safe and speedy rescue. During this training, we witnessed firsthand how difficult high impact windows and doors are to get in and how great the products are not only for hurricane safety but home security too. After a few years, we decided to shift our focus and concentrate primarily on providing our customers with high impact windows and doors because of how much we believe in the product and feel confident in selling it to homeowners and businesses.


We strive to uphold our reputation of offering our customers the highest quality products, exceptional service, and product knowledge for residential and commercial projects of all scales.